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Monday, 12 May 2014

Canadian Postcard Project

I really have enjoyed participating in Canadian Postcard Project.

"The Canadian Postcard Project is an initiative to connect a large group of young artists (ages 12-19) in suburban and rural schools with Canadian, contemporary artists. By exposing these students to a variety of mediums and work being created in Canada, as well as providing the opportunity to work with real artists, they not only develop a long-lasting love for the arts but they become empowered youth. The project is simple. Each student chooses an artist they are interested in (and one that has agreed to participate) and creates a postcard in reflection of a chosen artwork by that Canadian artist. Once the work is mailed, the artist will then send a postcard back in response."

Learn more about the Canadian Postcard Project here.

A student chose my painting as a jumping off point, mailed me their creation and I responded back in kind, with a finger painted portrait postcard that I signed with a thumbprint (hey, my hands were already covered in paint!). I think this might be the first time I've finger painted as an adult, which is a bit weird. I really liked making it and participating in the project as a whole. What a great idea! Learn more about my current projects here.

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