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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Oh Lawd, What am I Thinking?


I plan to run my first marathon this year. I wanted to do something local so that I didn't have to contend with travel. A couple weeks ago I decided to figure out which race I would be running. Because of my teaching schedule the one that made the most sense was the Niagara Ultra Marathon. The trouble with making this choice was that a) I have only 10.5 weeks to train and b) I have taken a whole season off running. Eeek! I hope to finish the race at a run, but I have no illusions about time...this will not be a fast race!

Here is my express training schedule. I started the day I signed up for the race. It is a little daunting to start with a 2 km run and finish with a marathon. I'm totally freaked out, but determined. 

Distraction: here is a funny running story blast from the past. So embarrassing!

Update: A little further along. A little rearranging here and there, but still alive and on track, somehow.

Stay tuned for more...

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