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Monday, 29 April 2013

When Brave Bird Saved

"When Brave Bird Saved" A Short Film From Laura Marling is a gem that was shown to me by my  very hip cousin Wendy. Watch and love. Thanks Wendy!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I worked on this new piece today. If you would like a closer look at the finished product have a look at my website.

Candace Couse, Jack, 2013

The World as 100 People

I loved this infographic from Daily Infographic shows a remarkable study in simplification: the entire world simplified to 100 people showing how our world compares in different areas of life. 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Two Artists Present

Marina Abramović and Ulay, Rest Energy with Ulay, 1980. Color 16mm film transferred to DVD, 4 min 5 sec. Courtesy the Artist and Lisson Gallery.

Marina Abramović's The Artist Is Present ran from March 14–May 31, 2010 at the MoMA. The exhibition included the first live re-performances of Abramović’s work which involved viewer participation, that took place throughout the entire duration of the exhibition, starting before the Museum opened each day and continuing until after it closed, to allow visitors to experience the timelessness of the work. She sat in a chair and one by one people could sit opposite her and look into her eyes. It was a powerful experience with strangers, but then her former love Ulay arrived without her knowledge. This video shows the moment she sees him.
In 1976, after moving to Amsterdam, Abramović met the West German performance artist  UlayWhen Abramović and Ulay began their collaboration, the main concepts they explored were the ego and artistic identity. This was the beginning of a decade of influential collaborative work. They spoke of themselves as parts of a “two-headed body”.They dressed and behaved like twins, and created a relationship of complete trust.
In 1988, after several years of tense relations, Abramović and Ulay decided to make a spiritual journey which would end their relationship. Each of them walked the Great Wall of China, starting from the two opposite ends and meeting in the middle. As Abramović described it: “That walk became a complete personal drama. Ulay started from the Gobi Desert and I from the Yellow Sea. After each of us walked 2500 km, we met in the middle and said good-bye.

This video is so incredibly moving. I can't stop watching it. 

Sourced from Cup of Jo and Wikipedia

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Letters on the Death of Virginia Woolf

Moving  letters on the death of Virginia Woolf are collected in Afterwords: Letters on the Death of Virginia Woolf (public library), edited by University of Sussex researcher Sybil Oldfield — a rousing monument to Woolf’s legacy as an author, humanist, and tireless exponent of the inner light of being.

Darling Ethel I wish I could say something comforting. All I can feel is that it is better for her to be dead than mad, and I do thank God that she has not been found. The river is tidal so she has probably been carried out to sea. She loved the sea.
- Virginia’s one-time lover and lifelong friend Vita Sackville-West

Dear Leonard
I only learned the news yesterday afternoon when I was in London, having had no previous intimation. For myself and others it is the end of a world. I merely feel quite numb at the moment, and can’t think about this or anything else, but I want you to know that you are as constantly in my mind as in anyone’s.
But nothing is quite as poignant as some of Woolf's own words, written shortly before her death. Woolf writes:

Now is life very solid or very shifting? I am haunted by the two contradictions. This has gone on forever; goes down to the bottom of the world — this moment I stand on. Also it is transitory, flying, diaphanous. I shall pass like a cloud on the waves. Perhaps it may be that though we change, one flying after another, so quick, so quick, yet we are somehow successive and continuous we human beings, and show the light through. But what is the light?
I'm definitely going to be picking up Oldfield's Afterwords: Letters on the Death of Virginia Woolf very soon!