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Monday, 4 February 2013

Foods Chosen by Animals (Animal Curators)

On Monday Charlotte Emily and I hosted an open studio event with Art Funkl. If success can be measured in wine, cheese and chocolate consumption (yes, it can) than this party was plates and plates of success. 

During the morning of the opening, Charlotte Emily was preparing cake for her performance, Please Hold, a piece that toys playfully with what occurs at a call centre whilst a call is placed on hold. She was mixing and measuring in the kitchen and I was carefully untangling threads and installing my work, serenaded by her liberal interpretation of the theme song from Indiana Jones. I teased her about being annoying but the truth was two fold: one, I realized I was going to really miss Manchester and the provocative and lively people that make this rainy city seem cloudless; two, her humming made my untangling of threads seem like a perilous endeavor embarked on in the name of academic advancement (also, I suddenly wanted a hat and a hole to avoid).  

Charlotte Emily has a way of inviting such whimsy, and it was through no small influence on her part that we collaborated together to create a theme around the food for the night: Animals. Charlotte Emily chose food that resembled animals, including this cheese and pineapple hedgehog:
A chocolate and sweets snake:
and this terrifyingly real-looking jelly jellyfish: 
Having seen that all of the best food-based animal shapes had been snatched up, I decided to interpret the theme as "foods chosen by animals."

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