Candace Couse

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Germany: Dreiländergarten

Today I went on a failed biking adventure. Before I was derailed, my bike route took me through Dreiländergarten in Weil am Rhein. Dreiländergarten, being one of the few things that I can translate, means three (drei) countries (länder) garden (garten). I assume it's an on the nose reference to the intersecting of Switzerland, Germany and France. It's a pretty bizarre park with a lot of strange points of interest that seem in no way related. I could say that this is maybe done in effort to extend the metaphor of Dreiländergarten, but everything seems too spontaneous to be true.

Anyway, here is a glimpse of two of those spontaneous spectacles. The first is a very old farm that is unmanned in the middle of a large grassy area and surrounded by goats, and the second is a sprawling concreate mosaic dragon tunnel/water feature.

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