Candace Couse

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Recycled Shirt DIY

I hate throwing clothes away, but sometimes they are in rough shape and can't be given away or donated. Over the last few years I clued in that I should, at the very least, be scavenging these articles for buttons, zippers and, occasionally, material.

But despite this "use everything" approach I still hate throwing out favorite shirts just because I got a hole in something or a stubborn stain.

So instead of getting rid of the shirt you just covered in coffee, why not challenge yourself to strip it to its bones and build it up again? Heck, you may even improve on the design!

I remade the shirt below using "new" material from an old linen curtain. Not only did I remake a dying shirt, I also improved the quality of its fabric and incorporated vintage lace into the design. I knew exactly how the pattern worked because I cut out the old fabric at the seams and used it to block my "new" material. It was fun, fast and fail-safe.

I even used the bottom of the curtain to line up with the bottom of the shirt, utilizing a razor sharp perfectly hemmed line that met with precision at both ends.

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