Candace Couse

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Observations on Akwardness

What I did:

1. Changed into workout gear to go for a run...eventually (I call this "amping myself up", and it usually involves popcorn, peanut butter, and sometimes running)
2. Watched the season premier of Girls at an inappropriate volume
3. Put in my iPod ear things before I ended the show
4. Put on my shoes
5. Open my door
6. Did NOT look outside
7. Remembered about the pillow I had put in the tumble dryer (located EXACTLY beside my door) and thought I would check on it --was this a good idea? had it caught on fire? does it smell like dryer?
8. Pulled out the pillow, fluffed it, smelt it, put it back in, shut the dryer (side shuffled between door and dryer door)
9. Stepped outside, backwards, locked door, turned up music on iPod
10. Turned around

What happened:

I found myself standing, in all my workout glory, beside a speaker who was speaking to a group of about fifty people. My terrible workout music--the kids call it "Dubstep"--was at full heavy breathing runners volume.

It turns out the artist who lives next to me was having some kind of gathering (a point that had been advertised all day in German on a sign near my door) that included ten or so round tables crammed around my entrance-way, and a catered dinner.

Naturally, I ran away at an impressive speed. Once I rounded the corner I slowed significantly. The simple truth is: I am nowhere near as good a runner as I was letting on.

Goooooooo Candace!

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