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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Barn Salvage

Another barn save! 
Yes, I have braved yet another encounter with vermin to bring you this, my door desk.  This door was really incredible, so long and thin with mixed wood and patinaed hardware...oh la la! But what to do with it? 

Power wash it of course! 

It's been in use by the enemy and covered in a thin invisible layer of mouse-spider conglomerated radiation, I'm quite sure. But, after that: what to do with it? I needed a desk for my computer and a table for my modern sewing machine so I did the ol' two in one and SHABAM! 

I give you "Singer Desk." 

The "Singer" part of the name comes from the base. I've been meaning to re-purpose an old singer sewing machine that belonged to my great great aunt that was literally falling apart. I was going to split the legs and manufacture a cross beam for support, but since the door was naturally split so nicely into two working halves I decided that it wouldn't hurt to preserve the full leg of the singer in the centre.

 I removed about a thousand pounds of extraneous iron from the singer base, making it much, much lighter, which means it is now only "very heavy."

I measured centre on the door and drilled according to the iron singer base placement. I removed the lock box from the door, opened it and removed the dead-latch and replaced the strike plate. I put everything back except the latch and knobs. After one more power wash (for safety) I secured these two together and there you have it! 

The "Singer Desk"

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